VMMD_MS Vehicle Mounted Multiple Sensor Mine Detector

General Information

The Multisensor Detector VMRV40 is a customized system for the detection of metal objects (by EMI*) and non-metallic objects (via GPR*) having a minimum size of approx. 10 cm diameter in the ground. The sensors are mounted on a flexible mat. This mat is fixed to a vehicle by means of a non- metallic construction in such a way that the sensors are moved close to the surface to detect objects in the ground. Maximum driving speed of the vehicle: 10 km/h.

The flexible mat ensures also on uneven surface a good ground contact without too much pressure to activate AP mines with pressure sensors.

In order to have a search width of 2.5 meters for the detection of objects having a minimum size of approx. 100 mm, the GPR-Detector must be equipped with 40 antennas. The antennas are arranged with a certain offset sidewise and lengthwise in such a way that there is no detection gap in driving direction.

For the same search width the Metal Detector has 20 search heads which are also arranged with a certain offset sidewise and lengthwise.


Technical Specifications

Channel number

: 40

Antenna centre frequency

: 1 GHz

Antenna size

: approx. 15x22x70 cm (W:L:H) nominal including front and back mounting flanges

Antenna sealing

: IP 66

Antenna operating and storage temprature range

: -30 to +60 C degree

Power consumption

: 180 W nominal

Power supply voltage protection

: 10-30VDC, Apmhenol 62 GB style 3 pin connector. 3m long power cable provided terminated in 4mm banana plugs

Power supply protection

: Inlet fuse for over current protection, 75V load dump and 600 V fast spike protected

GPR Electronics packaging

: 3 off 3U 19'' sub-rack 300mm deep

Eletronics sub-rack operating temprature range

: -10 to + 44C  degree

Electronics sub-rack operating humidity

: 0-95 % non condensing


: Designed to meet BS EN 60950. All PCB's and wiring are UL 94V0 rated for fire retardancy. System does not use or generate any non SELV voltages


- mine detection