General Information

MEMAR is the new model of MEMED® series metal mine detectors. It is specially designed for Humanitarian Mine Demining operators/engineers.

MEMAR has IMAS 10.30 compatibility report showing it meets international mine action standard.

MEMAR’s advanced detection capabilities result finding low metal content, anti-personnel mines, anti-tankmines and metal content IEDs.

MEMAR detects challenging targets on highly mineralized, low mineralized and normal soil types. Its patent pending operational warning system, high detection sensitivity, exchangable search antennas, long operation time and ergonomic design fulfills the requirements of demining troops.

Long Operation Time: MEMAR provides approximately 20 hoursoperation time with full batteries. MEMAR batteries can be easily supplied from digitalmarkets.

Elliptical Search Head: MEMAR has elliptical search head as astandard. Thanks to its shape, the antenna allows to search uneven, narrow location/surface. It also allows the operator to check each foot step.

Exchangable Search Heads: MEMAR which is provided with standard elliptical search head also offers optional probe search head to conduct detection in brush and wide antenna allowing to detect UXOs.


Technical Specifications

Operational Weight : ~2,45 kg
Soil Modes : Normal ve Mineral
Sweeping Speed : 0,1-1,6 m/s
Operation Length : ~20 hours
Battery Type : 3 e.a. D Type
Military Standards : Mil-STD-810 G
Alert Type : Audio, Visual and Vibration
Optional Search Heads : Postal (mid size), UXO and Probe
Water and Dust Protection : IP67
Operational Temperature : -30 °C /+60 °C



- Humanitarian Demining Activities

- Border Security/Clearance Applications

- Field Mine Clearance Applications