Mergen TIM

General Information

Detector training system Mergen-TIM is an easy-to-use detector training system developed in order to minimize detector sweeping errors and make correct sweeping movements by making those as reflex to deminers.

Regardles to the detector they are using, the system developed for deminer teams. It yields the team commander to conduct routine detector training studies to ensure that the team is always ready for duty.

While the MERGEN-TIM sensor unit detects the basic sweeping errors of the detector (height, speed, wrist angle, arc errors occurring during the use of the detector), it reflects the errors to demiers audibly and visually. At the same time,  the team commander; monitores those errors wirelessly with the KUTAD software on the tablet and can make the necessary warnings.

At the end of the activity, all detailed results are automatically reported for each user.

System served with a hard case including 5 Mergen Tim Sensor units, that will provide training for up to 5 users simultaneously, a trainer tablet with KUTAD software, a multi-charging unit for sensors, a Wireless USB communication unit and a user manual.


-Operator Training

-Compatible with Any Detectors


Technical Specifications

Fault Parameters : Height,Speed,Arc,Angle(Wrist),Arc
Height Acuuracy : +-1 cm
Arc Angle Accuracy : +-5
Wrist Angle Accuracy : +- 1
Alarm Signal : Audio & Visual LED
Battery : rechargable
Operation Temp. : -10 to +60°C
Storage Temperature
: -20 to70°C
Environmental conditions
: IP64

Charging Time

: 4 Hours




: 360 gr.

Nato Stock Number : 6910270657437



- Detector usage training activities

- Deminers' evaluation application

- Deminer teams' routine trainings