General Information

The Metal Detector MW 1630B is an approved and reliable device  for the detection of metal objects on land and especially underwater. The press water tight make enables the operation in fresh water, salt water, on the bottom of stretched waters down to 60 m of depth and on land.

The Search head, the carrying bar, the arm rest, the handle and the evaluation electronics are meeting the highest demands in respect to the materials and the production quality.

The detector is equipped with a stream lined oval search head and together with the electronics strapped to the tight, it is ideally designed for the diving mission. The requests of experienced pioneers and military divers after innumerable tests have formed the design. The carrying tube can be telescoped down to the lenght of one arm enabling the diver to swim close enough to the detectable objects and additionally use the other hand.

The MW 1630 B suppresses the influence of salt water or mineralized soils to a great extent in the way false alarms are prevented even when the search head is touching the ground.

For the operation on land the non-twistable telescopic carrying tube can be extended. The boost mode is increasing the sensitivity and the search head movement can be much faster. Objects close to each other are very well extinguished and individually indicated.


Technical Specifications

Power supply : 3 x 1,5 V standard battery, IEC R20(D-size) or 3 x 1,24V Ni-Cd- rechargeable RSH 4 KR35/62
Operation hours : 24-40 hours‘’under water’’ 15-25 hours ’’ land’’ (depending on battery quality)
Detection speed : ‘’under water’’0,05 – 1 m/s ’’land’’ 0,30 – 1 m/s
Operating temperature
: ‘under water’ 0° - +35° C ‘land’ - 31°- + 55° C
Storage temperature
: - 55° - + 75° C
Test pressure
: 7 bar
Diving depth
: max 60 m
Metal alarm
: acoustic
Leak water alarm
: acoustic
Battery check
: acoustic
: 2 steps: high/low
Operation mode
: under water / land


Search head : 170 x 305 mm ovale
Tel. Carrying bar : 540 - 865 mm
With extension : 540 - 865 mm
Transport case : 782 x 300 x 142 mm


Under water : appox. 1 kg
On land : 3,9 kg
Electronics with batteries : 2,4 kg
Case complete : 11,6 kg



- military mine detection applications

- police mine detection applications

- border security/clearance applications

- field mine clearance applications




 MW1630B brochure