MineHound VMR3

General Information

MINEHOUND VMR3 is an advanced technology, combining leading-edge ground penetrating radar (GPR) and high-performance metal detector (MD). The unit has been designed specifically for use in the most challenging military and humanitarian demining operations.

MINEHOUND VMR3 is simple to use, providing the operator with clear audio signals to alert the presence of a potential mine threat. When a threat is located, the MD audio provides accurate position information and mass of metal indication. The GPR audio provides additional position and depth information, and gauges the radar cross-section of the target. Both detectors can be used separately or together.

The GPR responds to even the smallest flush buried mine (diam. > 5 cm), but not to small metal fragments. This means that metallic clutter, which commonly cause false alarms such as bullet casings, small arms rounds and shrapnel, is rejected by the system. The GPR also detects mines with minimum or zero metal contents which are normally difficult to locate using metal detection techniques alone. MINEHOUND VMR3 uses a MD produced by Vallon GmbH (VMH3) and a custom designed 1 GHz GPR designed by Cobham Technical Services (the new trading name of ERA Technology Ltd). The GPR is a timedomain radar transmitting short pulses. A dedicated state of the art DSP processor is used to provide all control and signal processing functions.

MINEHOUND VMR3 is a new technology which requires special training of the operator team before working in a ‘live’ minefield situation.

Technical Specifications

Measuring principle : Dual sensor MD + GPR
Weight (ready for operation) : approx. 4.0 kg with Li-polymer battery
Telescopic bar length : approx. 53 - 92 cm (handgrip - search head)
Dimensions of search head : approx. 17.8 x 31.4 cm
Power Supply
: Lithium Polymer cells,rechargeable, additional: battery compartment for 4 x 1.5 V, D-cells
Power consumption
:< 5 W
Operation Temperature
: -31 °C to +63 °C
Storage Temperature
: -51 °C to +71 °C
Environmental conditions
: According to MIL STD 810F F501.4-I, II, F502.4-I, II, F503, 4-I, F506.4-III, F512.4-II, F01 514.5 C-1, C-3, F516.5-IV
Soil programmes (MD)
: normal soil, mineral soil


: 0.2 m

Alarm signal

: Audio,Visual,Vibration

Transport case

:102 x 43 x 17 cm

Transport weight

: approx. 14 kg

Control functions in the handle




: N = normal soil M = mineral soil SETUP


: MD only GPR only MD and GPR


: reduce sensitivity or volume,increase sensitivity or volume,compensation


: MD and GPR

Sweep speed

: < 1.5 m/sec


: Headset, Firmware upgrade

Metal detector performance

Power line suppression : Yes
Demining environmental conditions : All world

GPR Performance

The GPR detects AP and AT mines in almost all soil conditions, but not in heavy clay                 (like used for pottery) or salt water.



- military mine detection applications

- police mine detection applications

- border security/clearance applications

- field mine clearance applications