General Information

Lightweight, portable Metal Detector VMM3 has been designed for the highly accurate detection of all types of metallic mines and plastic mines with minimum metal content.

Bombs, ammunition, and other metallic targets can also be located safely and efficiently. The ease of operation is one outstanding feature of the VMM3 Metal Detector. Ground conditions that are mineralized or magnetized, shallow water areas (salt and fresh water) and extreme weather conditions can be compensated easily.

There are nearly no false alarms,even when the search head contacts the ground or during detection near to main power lines.

UXO Search head: The large diameter search head (615 mm) which is available as special option for the VMM3 allows for the detection of metallic mines and UXO to large depths below the surface with reliable and consistent operation.


Technical Specifications

Power supply : 4 ea. 1.5 V standard batteries D-size or 4 ea. 1.2 V rechargeable battery KR35/62
Battery life : 50-60 hours,with 22 Ah battery
Sweeping speed : 0.2 – 1 m/s
Operation temperature
: -31 °C to +63 °C (-24 °F to +145 °F)
Storage temperature
: -51 °C to +71 °C (-60 °F to +160 °F)
Compliance to According to MIL STD 810F Environmental 501.4-II, 502.4-I, 502.4-II, 503.4, conditions
:506.4-III, 514.5 C1
: to 2 meters (Search head)
Search programs : 2 soil programs
Power line suppression
: 50 Hz and 60 Hz (automatic)
Data output
:RS 232 for data acquisition
Data input
:RS 232 for firmware update

Dimensions (approx.)

Search head : 170 x 305 mm
Electronics unit : 106 x 80 x 195 mm
Telescopic carrying bar : min. 995 mm ± 5 mm max. 1925 mm ± 5 mm
Aluminium shipping case : 782 x 300 x 142 mm

Weights (approx.)

Weight to be carried by hand: : 1.7 Kg
Complete detector set during operation (with batteries) : 3.5 Kg
Complete set with accessories in backpack : 4.7 Kg
Shipping weight with all accessories (incl. aluminium shipping case)
: 11 Kg



-  military mine detection applications

-  police mine detection applications

-  border security/clearance applications

-  field mine clearance applications