General Information

The Vallon VMH3 detector is designed to meet the very specific needs of the mine clearance professionals for humanitarian demining in post conflict areas.

Its mechanical design ensures a convenient use for hours. VMH3 is especially recommended in areas with severe laterite conditions or single mineralized stones. The modern DMPI technology (Digital Magnetic Pulse Induction), and the cable free design is the logical result from close cooperation with humanitarian and commercial mine clearance personnel.

The operating length of the VMH3 can be adjusted even during operation in just a few seconds. The short length for kneeling position meets the special requirements of the professional deminers all over the world.

Technical Specifications

Power supply : 3 ea. 1.5 V standard batteries D-size or 3 ea. 1.2 V rechargeable battery KR35/62
Battery life : up to 25 hours depending on battery type and SOIL program
Sweeping speed : 0.2 - 1.5 m/s — standard 0 - 0.2 m/s — pinpointing
Operation temperature
: -31° C to +63° C
Storage temperature
: -51° C to +71° C
Environmental According to MIL STD 810F conditions:
: 501.4-II, 502.4-I, 502.4-II, 503.4, 506.4-III, 514.5 C1
Search programs
: 2 soil programs (normal, mineralized)
Metal alarm
: acoustic via loudspeaker or earphones visual via LED-bargraph vibration alarm
Power line suppression
: automatic
: up to 1.5 meters


Search head (oval) 31 x 17 cm ±5 mm
Length of telescopic carrying bar

: Min. 79 cm ±5 mm
: Max. 139 cm ±5 mm

Transportation case : approx. 85 x 26 x 33 cm


Complete detector set during operation (with batteries) : approx. 2.5 kg
Shipping weight with all accessories : approx. 4.8 kg



-  military mine detection applications

-  police mine detection applications

-  border security/clearance applications

-  field mine clearance applications