ACU 5000

General Information

New Generation Automatic InterOperability System

Emergencies, disasters, and other planned or unplanned incidents bring together multi-ple agencies and a wide variety of communications gear.

The ACU-5000 enables seam-less communications among these first responders. Optimized cables and pre-loaded settings ensure quick interface of radios, phones, satellite (Sat) phones, etc. Interoperability networks (nets) can be quickly put together allowing appropriate personnel to talk with each other, all using their own equipment, whether phones, various types of radios or Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) devices.

Interoperability nets are local, meaning all audio bridging is done within the ACU-5000, and IP links make the system accessible to remote users or other gateways.

Emergencies can’t be planned, so equipment versatility is essential when immediate compatibility with the users’ environment is required.

The ACU-5000 begins with the features developed by JPS over the past decade. These include: a suite of sophisticated Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms to resolve typical radio interoperability problems, interface cables for hundreds of radio makes and models, and quick setup templates for rapid deployment.

The ACU-5000 also features an intuitive Web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI), a four-port Ethernet switch, and the ability to configure its communications channels to the type needed; radio, telephone, VoIP (SIP), or JPS’s proprietary Radio over Internet Protocol (RoIP). This feature allows the ACU-5000 to be quickly reconfigured as needs change, with no need to carry or swap out hardware modules.

Interoperability is most vital during emergencies where effective communications can help calm a chaotic situation. This environment is not a place where operational errors can be tolerated.

Intuitive operation and control were guiding factors in the design of the ACU-5000’s user-interface which provides instantaneous comprehension of the current system status, easy point-and-click/drag-and-drop control capability, and a variety of context-sensitive help available just a mouse click away.


Technical Features

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-Command and Control Vehicles

-Command and Control Centers

-Call Taking and Dispatching

-Emergency Management Centers