ACU 1000

General Information

In a probable disaster or when some of the current infrastructures got damage, the Emergency Common Public Switching System can provide the conversation between the province centers and county centers in collaboration with wired/wireless current communication devices and active infrastructures. In addition, the sub communication systems in the both of the province and county can be integrated to each other by this switching system.

ACU-1000 is a system that provides the direct communication of the different communication devices such as GSM, Satellite phone, Turk Telecom lines, and internal lines especially in the disaster or crisis. This system is prepared specially for the user also proper for the usage of existent systems in the user inventory such as HF/SSB, VHF, UHF radio devices, and GSM, Satellite Phones, PSTN and Internal telephone lines. This system can be expanded easily through it’ modular structure in addition to these features, the system has a user-friendly interface.

In our country in a probable disaster, Crisis Coordination Centers under the province and municipality need to be coordinated with each other quickly as being a disaster area however; because of the different frequencies and bands of the concerned public corporations’ radios, they have some delay problems. For preventing such problems, this system offers user to dial number of the corporation user wants as only a corporation’ internal number in the system also conferencing of them with each other can be performed by this way.


Technical Features

Local Operator Interface Module
Front Panel : Handset jack, Headphone jack, Speaker, Volume, and Speaker on/off
Voice Prompts : English/Turkish language standard, others available. 80 messages typical, 254 possible
Keypad Provides manual ACU-1000 programming and local system control

Control Module

Operator Handset
RJ-12 Connector: Microphone input, Earphone driver, PTT input
Async Full Duplex RS-232, Baud Rates 300 bps to 115.2 kbps. RJ-45 Connector, 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
Program and Control:
: Ethernet (web tabanlı), Telnet, RS-232, ACU Controller, WAIS Controller

Radio/ 4 Wire Interface Connection Module

Audio In
: Balanced or Unbal 600 ohms or Hi-Z; -26dBm /+12dBm levels; 100Hz - 3200Hz
Audio Out
: Balanced or Unbal 600 ohms; -26dBm / +12dBm levels; 100Hz / 3200Hz
Dijital I/O : COR/Squelch and AUX in, PTT and AUX out.
Serial Interface
: Async Full Duplex RS-232, Baud Rates 300 bps to 115.2 kbps. RJ-45 Connector, 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
Configuration : Ethernet (built-in web page), Telnet, RS-232, ACU Controller.
: VOX or VMR Voice Detection; Noise Reduction; DTMF; Audio Equalizer, Audio Delay and more.

Phone System Module
Phone Line : RJ-11 Connectors ; -24 dBm to 0 dBm levels
Algorithms : DTMF Detection and Generation; DSP Adaptive Hybrid, DSP VOX, and Recorder Tones

Local Phone Module
Phone Set Interface : RJ-11 Connectors; -20 mA loop current; on/off hook detection; ring generator
Call Progress Tones :Dial, Busy, and Ringback tones.
Algorithms : DTMF Detection; Adjustable-level VOX, Audio Delay.


AC Input Power

: 115/230 VAC + 15% 47-63 Hz, 80 VA Typical, 100 VA Maximum
DC Input Power : +11 to +15 VDC @ 4A Nominal
Size : 5.25” H x 19”W x 11”D (13.3 x 48.3 x 28 cm)
Temperature : Operating: -20 to +60 degrees C. Storage: -40 to +85 degrees C
Humidity : Up to 95% @ 55 degrees C



-Command and Control Vehicles

-Command and Control Centers

-Call Taking and Dispatching

-Emergency Management Centers