Minibus Application

General Information

MESAN Inc. design MOBILE C3 (Communication and Command Control) Minibus Vehicle Application integrates existent communication infrastructures into a mobile platform also together with the advanced informatics, audio and video systems support, Mobile C3 platform offers unique communication, command and control facility.

Also this concept takes the advantage of being available in the event area for real-time applications. Besides these, any additional hardware/system can be integrated to the main concept.

As being Mesan Inc.,our primary aim is “ensuring customer satisfaction”. Consequently, we offer complete turnkey solutions on condition that be properly with the user demands.

Technical Specification

• Qualified Energy Infrastructures
• Reinforced Hardware Housings
• Easy Installation and Operation Facilities
• Direct Conference with Different Communication Infrastructures
• In Accordance with Military Standards
• Vibration Durable Rack Mounted Systems
• Using with or without Operator
• Internet
• Communication on Movement
• Ergonomic and Comfortable Compositions
• Qualified Air Conditioning
• Exclusive Infrastructure according to Customer` Demands
• ACU Automatic Switching System
• HF/VHF/UHF/Broadband/P25 Radios
• GSM Terminals
• Satellite Telephones
• PSTN Telephone Lines
• Rugged Notebooks
• Fax,Scanner and Printers
• Generator and UPS
• RF Analysis for the electrical and communication devices
• External 220 VAC, Analog Lines and Antenna Inlets
• Lighting Armatures on the Vehicles
• LCD Screens
• Video Conference Systems
• Warning Systems
• Navigation Systems
• GPRS Internet for permanent connection on the Movement
• Water heater/ Coffee/ Tea Makers
• Video Recording around the vehicle by speed/normal dome cameras
• Video Multiplexers
• Satellite TV Systems


-mobile command and control

-emergency management

-mobile meeting and education platform




 Minibus Brochure