Looking at the history of humanity, it is observed that the primary priorities of both societies and individuals are the SAFETY OF LIFE. Developing technologies and social dynamics have altered and reshape the threats of LIFE SAFETY but did not change its priority.

Nowadays, when MESAN Inc. realizes its 30th anniversary, it is justifiably proud of its works with the motto "OUR BUSINESS IS LIFE SAFETY".

Since the 13th century, landmines are still a major threat to security forces and innocent people by the 21st century. There are 110 million unexploded mines burried in 64 countries around the world. Unfortunate of this globalt threat results 2 thousand people deadths in each month which means a deadth in every 22 mins.

Strong R & D formation, depth and scope of information is a 30-year high sense of responsibility and sensitivity with which the MESAN Inc as Turkey's first and only private company producing Metal Mine Detectors.

In addition to the mine detector, with our ongoing R&D studies; we have been developping sensors, systems, platform integrated detection systems for different IED, unexploded bombs and changing threats.

Training Systems and Simulators, developed with the awareness that the most accurate use of mine and IED detectors is vital for the safety of the personnel in the field, is also among the important elements of our product range.

One of the other crucial  LIFE SAFETY threats in the world is experienced on highways. Road traffic accidents cause the death of an average of 1.2 million people every year, in other words 3242 people every day. Unfortunately, traffic accidents alone constitute 2.1% of all deaths in the world and rank 11th among causes of death. Since 1997, MESAN Inc. has been contributing to the work of LIFE SAFETY on highways by providing all MOBILE SPEED DETECTION Systems to Police and other agnecies on our highways. Our intensive R&D studies carry the cutting-edge technologies to MOBILE SPEED DETECTION and TRAFFIC STATISTICS systems.

MESAN Inc. has crowned its 30th year of existence with these systems. Commitment of faith is the foundation of our technology and production.


Devrim Gürsel Erol,

President - Mesan Inc.