Mobile Plate Hunter-900

General Information

Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR) system, the Mobile Plate Hunter-900 (MPH-900) can be mounted to patrol cars capturing license plate numbers during entire shifts. If a suspect license plate number is read, audible and visual alarms alert the officer within milliseconds of license plate capture.

Cameras, a processing unit and proprietary software, allow officers to capture images of license plates and instantaneously compare them with millions of Hot List records to identify vehicles of interest. This highly advanced Automatic License Plate Reader system reads plates day or night, from all 50 States and most foreign countries including Arabic characters. It can also read other alphanumeric identification systems—even from 1500 feet in the air. The MPH-900 ALPR system minimizes the guesswork and safety risks that challenge officers every day.

The MPH-900 has unique capabilities, many of which are much more advanced than features of other mobile ALPR systems.

CarSystem 6: Expect More From Your ALPR System

CarSystem 6 is the latest version of ELSAG’s in-vehicle user interface. This application monitors the activity of the ALPR cameras connected to the onboard PC. It gives the user a view of the license plates being read, alarms generated by those reads when compared against hot lists, and reports the status of the system. CarSystem 6 can also be installed on a fixed camera and reviewed remotely.

Features of CarSystem 6:

• More intuitive use interface
• Greater hot list flexibility
• Expanded mapping
• New Officer’s notes field for capturing real-time information

• New pending alarm view
• Enhanced reporting at the vehicle level
• New image zoom capabilities
• Easy hot list reference

Digital Camera Technology.

The MPH-900 ALPR’s digital cameras see more than analog cameras do. Compared to the analog cameras used by all other ALPR systems, images taken by the MPH-900’s digital cameras capture nearly twice the physical area—the sweet spot—and that means more information for law enforcement. While images taken with analog cameras show little more than the license plate, MPH-900 ALPR cameras show the plate, a significant portion of the car and part of the car’s surroundings—day or night and in any weather. This visual information can greatly aid investigations.

The MPH-900 ALPR takes "progressive scan" images, which present a better quality image than competitive technology using the "interlace scan" method. Progressive scans are digital and license plate images are read and captured one line at a time, sequentially. A progressive scan produces a far clearer read, providing more detail and a larger image area than the analog "interlaced scans" used by competitive ALPR systems. With interlaced scans, the camera can only record every other line of the license plate over two separate scans. In a final step, the system weaves the two scans together to form one complete image.

Real Time Technology of the Mobile Plate Hunter-900 ALPR System

Real time technology of the MPH-900 greatly increases the odds of resolving issues and in severe situations, can be the difference between life and death. Our advanced License Plate Reader system:

  • Captures up to 1,800 license plate reads per minute, day or night, accurately recognizing plates from all 50 states, Canada, Mexico and many Arabic characters
  • Processes parked and moving vehicles across up to 4 lanes of traffic, day or night, in any weather
  • Transit speed up to150mph (241kph) can be easily managed by our License Plate Reader system. It exceeds the normal speed of vehicles through the pathway (due to pathway infrastructure limitations)
  • Allows officers to update “Hot Lists” manually at any time and also query them for new tags that may match a recently captured vehicle
  • Alerts officers within milliseconds if a vehicle is suspect
  • The ALPR translates a digital image into data, checks the information against an onboard hot list, and returns an alarm back to the operator in milliseconds for appropriate interdiction
  • Hot Lists can be updated manually or wirelessly
  • Officers can search ALPR system for previous reads at any time in reaction to notification of a suspect vehicle


Technical Specifications

Camera System Specifications
B/W Camera :1280 x 1024 Monochrome CMOS Sensor
Color Camera :1280 x 1024 Color CMOS Sensor
IR Illumination

:740nm LED Illuminator synchronized with camera shutter,(870nm optional)

Camera Interface
:Properietary 23 pin Military grade connector IP67 rated
Optics :25mm, 16mm, 12mm (Black/white reading camera)
Operating Temperature
:-40 +60 C (-40 +140F)
Environmental :Internal Heater
Housing Protection :IP67
Overall Size

:53mm x 145mm x 160mm (without base)

2.09'' x 5.75'' x 6.31'' inches (without base)

Camera Base Options
: Magnet Mount, Hedley Mount, Clicker Base Mount, Permanent Bulkhead Mount, Whelan Ligthbar Interface Mount,Explorer Roof Mount
Safety Feature : Class 1 Illuminator, EN60825-1
Processor Specifications
Input Power : 12 V from vehicle battery and ignition key 12 V signal
Interfaces : 4 camera, 1 power, 2 ethernet Mil-spec IP67
Network Switch : 100 Mbit fast Ethernet adapter
Data Packet

: For each Read system generates:

-Read License Plate String

-Date-time Stamp

-GPS Coordinates

-Camera Identifler

-JPEG compressed Garyscale and color overlay JPEG of the plate

Operating Temperature
: -40 +60 C (-5 +140F)
Operating Humidity
: 10-90%
Processor Dimensions

:216 x 292mm x 152mm

8.5'' x 11.5'' x 6'' inches



- Police patrol vehicles,

- Speed enforcement vehicles,

- Military patrol vehicles,