Radar Integrated Speed Display

General Information

Radar Integrated Speed LED Display allows companies to build speed detection system in their facilities. Easy to use and portable platform makes the solution very flexible. Display includes radar, battery and storage units and does not need any network or energy infrustracture. Radar integrated Speed Display can be easlity mounted to any pole or tripod or similar platform.

The system allows you to set up your own LED texts and graphics. Thanks to the provided LED editor easily changeable at the site.
For Example: up to 25 kph „THANK YOU“or 30 - 40 kph „SCHOOL ZONE“or 25 - 30 kph „CAUTION CHILDREN“ over 40 kph „TOO FAST“ (blinking)
With data storage, LED color change, speed limit and smile function.

Technical Specifications

Speed Detection Range
: 1-200 km/h


: Doppler radar (24,125 GHz)
Storage and Transmission
: Internal, via USB
Display Size : 63,4 x 84,4 x 18,2 cm (other options also avalilable)
System Configuration
: On site via Bluetooth
: 12 VDC battery or optional 220 AC
Speed Detection Range
: 1-200 km/h
Speed and Warning
: 30 cm high 3 digit speed, 2 lane configurable warning message
Note: alternating warning or speed limit or smiling face when the speed limit is exceeded



- campus speed detection

- police speed detection

- mine area speed detection

- any private sector manufacturing facility or campus speed detection

- military and police region speed detection