Unmanned Robotic Systems

General Information

The DR-10 MUGV is a lightweight, compact, multi-mission remote platform developed for supporting small unit dismounted operations. While using a wearable controller, the warfighter sends the DR-10 ahead of his small unit to gain situational awareness and take action. When fitted with the Light Weight Modular Arm, the DR-10 has the ability to investigate and recover or neutralize a potential IED. This lightweight arm weighs only seven pounds, can be spread loaded amongst the dismounted squad, and requires no tools to quickly install to the vehicle. DR-10’s day and night sensors allow it to serve as the forward eyes of the team while also delivering remote sensors, emplacing counter- IED charges, and more.

Small and lightweight, yet rugged and feature- packed, QinetiQ’s innovative DR-20 SUGV is a highly specialized unmanned system uniquely suited to give users the ability to literally see around corners and into tight spaces. Modular and reconfigurable, the mission dictates exactly how DR-20 will be used – making it the perfect choice for a wide range of military and first responder applications. The DR-20 SUGV provides a flexible solution to ordnance disposal, reconnaissance, inspection and security in military and first responder applications. Originally designed for the U.S. Marine Corps, the basic model of the DR-20 SUGV weighs only 20 lbs, measuring just 20 in x 15 in x 7 in (l x w x h). The DR-20 SUGV can lift from 5 to 10 lbs when fitted with its manipulator arm, which has a rotating shoulder, wrist and grippers for dexterity. It can also expand its mission capabilities when fitted with tracks for enhanced mobility. Options include day/night cameras, pan/tilt/zoom cameras and a microphone.

Technical Specifications

Dragon Runner 20


: 50,8 cm x 38,1 cm x 17,8 cm
: 9,07 kg
: 6,4 km/h
RF Range
: 650+m LOS
Endurance : 3-4 hours, depending on application
: IP65
Acustics : two way audio
Cameras : front and rear (day/night), left and right (day only), quad video display

Arm Lift

: 4,5 kg max
Others : Highly modular mobility options,climbs stairs

Dragon Runner 10

Size : 38,1 cm x 33 cm x 15,3 cm
Weight : 4,5 kg
Speed : 6,4 km/h

RF Range

: 650+m LOS
Endurance : 2-3 hours, depending on application
Environmental : IP66
Acustics : on-board mikrofon
: front and rear (day/night)
Arm Lift : 2 kg max
Others : Throwable and invertible, climbs stairs, adding payloads eliminates throwability



- Reconnaissance

- Security

- Counter IED

- Bomb Disposal