General Information

The Vallon wire detector VR1 (Wirehound) is designed to meet the very specific needs of the mine and IED clearance professionals in military and humanitarian demining scenarios involving cables and wires. Its mechanical design ensures a comfortable use on a daily routine basis. VR1 bases on advanced technology, with leading-edge ground penetrating radar (GPR) that provides a specialized design, optimized for wire search .

The operation and indication elements are integrated in the hand grip and can easily be operated with the thumb. The LED-bargraph with 15 elements is clearly visible even in the sunlight. The length of the bargraph (number of active LEDs) is proportional to the wire alarm.

The user can choose between visual, audio and vibration alarm and any combination of these.

An integrated OLED-display guides the user through the settings for simple set-up and use.

Technical Specifications

Measuring principle : GPR
Weight (ready for operation) : approx. 3.7 kg with Li-polymer battery
Telescopic bar length : approx. 50 - 92 cm (handgrip - search head)
Dimensions of search head : 304 x 85mm
Power Supply
: Lithium Polymer cells,rechargeable, additional: battery compartment for 4 x 1.5 V, D-cells
Operation time
: upto 14 hours
Operation Temperature
: -31 °C to +63 °C
Storage Temperature
: -51 °C to +71 °C
Environmental conditions
: According to MIL STD 810F F501.4-I, II, F502.4-I, II, F503, 4-I, F506.4-III, F512.4-II, F01 514.5 C-1, C-3, F516.5-IV


: 0.2 m

Alarm signal

: Audio,Visual,Vibration

Transport case

:795 x 518 x 310 mm

Transport weight

: approx. 18.1 kg

GPR detector performance

Power line suppression : Yes
EOD environmental conditions : All world

GPR Performance

The GPR detects every EOD and even very thin wires (unique in the market)



- Cable and wire detection

- IED trap detection

- Explosive mechanism detection

- Border clearance

- Field IED clearance

- Detection of non-metal content threats