Stalker CCTV Speed Sensor

General Information

The Stalker Speed CCTV Sensor is accurate and powerful, and when added to an existing CCTV system, provides  enforceable speed violation evidence for private use. This sensor can be used to monitor speeds of vehicles at commercial facilities where controlled speeds are required to maintain a safe and productive environment.

Typical applications would be monitoring forklifts in a warehouse, tractor trailer rigs in trailer yards, or private vehicles in company, retail, or apartment parking lots.

This sensor is not intended for law enforcement use in the United States. The Stalker Speed CCTV Sensor creates a monochrome on-screen display on either standard NTSC or Pal video streams. Connection is made by using the two BNC jacks,  one for input and one for output. The connections can made with common 75 ohm coaxial cable. The sensor adds current date with a time stamp, along with the speed of the strongest detected target.

Technical Specifications

Max Range : 274 m
Speed Range
: 1- 321 km/h
Max Speed
: 321.9 km/h
Speed Resolution
: 1 km/h
: +/- 0.3% km/h
Direction Selections
: Approaching, Receding, Both


Center frequency
: 24.15 GHz (US) 24.00 GHz (EU)
Frequency range
: 100 MHz
: 100 mW
Beam Width
: 30° by 32°

Power and Enviromental Features


: 10-30 volt, DC
: 125 mA@12 VDC
Power : <1.5 watt


Transient protection, reverse voltage protection, resettable fuse
Operation Temp/Storage Temp
: -30 +70° C / -45 +85° C
Protection Standard
: IP 67
Size/Weight : 11.2 x 9.9 x 4 cm


- CCTV applications

- Manufacturing and Warehouses speed control applications

- Traffic Management and Monitoring

- Campus speed security