Stalker Stationary Speed Sensor II

General Information

Low power consumption, small size, and competitive price all make Stalker’s new Stationary Speed Sensor II the right choice for nearly any speed measurement application.

Built by Stalker Radar, founded in 1977, with expertise gained from successful speed measurement products in law enforcement, sports, and industry, the Stationary Speed Sensor II is compact and light weight. Its 11.2 x 9.9 x 4 cm size allows it to fit almost anywhere.

The Speed Sensor II utilizes digital signal processing that enables it to track vehicles either moving toward it, vehicles moving away, or both directions simultaneously. Outdoor applications like speed trailers, pole mounted speed signs, and photo radar are protected by its IP67 waterproof case and a single, also waterproof, cable provides power and communications in 14 industry standard data formats. Additionally, it has a range of over 400 meters.

So if your application requires accurate, reliable speed measurement in environments from mild to harsh, a Developers Kit is available, which includes the Stalker Stationary Speed Sensor II, power cable, serial data cable, sensor mounting hardware, communications/programming application, and user manual.

Technical Specifications

Max Range : 400m
Min Speed : 1.6 km/h
Max Speed
: 321.9 km/h
Speed Resolution
: 0.16 km/h
: +/- 0.8 km/h
Direction Selections
: Approaching, Receding, Both


Center frequency
: 24.15 GHz
Frequency range
: 100 MHz
Transmit Power
: 100 mW
Beam Width
: 30° by 32°

Power and Enviromental Features


: 10-45 volt, DC
: 80 mA@12 VDC
Power : <1 watt


Transient protection, reverse voltage protection, resettable fuse
Operation Temp/Storage Temp
: -30  +70° C / -45  +85° C
Protection Standard
: IP 67
Size/Weight : 11.2 x 9.9 x 4 cm
Muhafaza : Die-Cast Aluminyum


- Police, military speed applicaitons

- Highway speed applications

- Traffic Management and Monitoring

- Campus speed security