Mesan MST Speed Detection and Monitoring System

General Information

Mesan Speed Track-MST1 is a speed detectiton and monitoring system which detects the speed of vehicles and display for the driver.
System detects the speed using the industry leading radar sensor, high resolution violation camera captures the vehicle picture along with the plate area. The plate number OCR process is handled in the system. All the data is sent to the control center with the following data:
- vehicle speed
- speed limit
- date and time
- GPS data
- vehicle direction
- plate number
- vehicle picture
Created violation file is sent to the email adresses automatically. If needed, violation files can be reviewed at the central back office software.

Technical Specifications

Max Detection Range
: 400m

Speed Detection Range

: 1-321 km/h
Violation Camera Resolution

: 5 MP

Speed Detection Accuracy

: +2/-3 km/h

Protection Class for Radar
: IP 66
Power Requirement
:12 VDC
Display Unit
: LED Monitor
Storage Unit
: Internal 32 GB
Data Transaction Type
: over Ethernet
Operating Freq
: 24.125 GHz, K Band


-campus speed detection

-highway speed detection and monitoring