Momentary Speed Enforcement System

General Information

Phodar Multiple object tracking Radar systems are designed for traffic surveillance and evidencing using newest 3D tracking type Doppler radar, video analytics and high resolution cameras.

Combination of those elements gives possibility to control whole highway using one device with more accurate and precise evidencing of speed violation. Evidence indicate exact speed and position of each vehicle on the road with no discussion about vehicle speed owner.

Compact and lightweight architecture enabling the use on tripod, in any patrol vehicle, or on top of a pneumatic pole.

Full control of up to 32 vehicles on a four-lane highway including individual speed tagging, distance, and GPS coordinates recorded with other essential data of each captured car.

Automatic control of different speed limits for different lanes as well as different types of vehicles.

Evidence providing as full-HD video and hi-resolution still photographs of license plates and facial characteristics through flash on a 24/7 basis.

CAPTURE RED LIGHT crossing violation using radar information and video analitics.

Including 3D Tracking Radar and various models of cameras from 1,3 to 5,0 MPixel and optionally more up to 18MPixel DSLR camera depending on a project. Components are closed inside waterproof class housing with IP67 type connectors and indicators. Device is designed to capture speed of up to 32 vehicles both directions on up to 4 Lane Street.

Device fulfills and excides all current market requirement in European Union including Type Approvals requirements in various European Metrology institutes.


Technical Specifications

Max Detection Range
: 60m pedestrian, 160m car type, 240m lorry type vehicle

Speed Detection Range

: 1-299 km/s
Violation Camera Resolution

: 2,5,18 MP selectable

Speed Detection Accuracy

: < +/- 3km/s (up to vehicles of 100 km/h); < +/- 3% (vehicles speeding over 100km/h)

Operating Temp
: -30 C +70 C degree
Protection Class
: IP 66; optional IP 67
Power Requirement/Consumption
: 9-15 VDC / <3,2A @ 12V DC
Control Unit
: LCD Monitor
Storage Unit
: Internal SSD unit (128,256 GB selectable)
Data Transaction Type
: USB, remote FTP
Operating Freq
: 24 GHz, K Band
Flash Unit
: Red flash, White flash, IR LED selectable


-speed enforcement vehicles

-police patrol vehicles

-miltary patrol vehicles