Watchguard 4RE

General Information

WatchGuard’s 4RE HD in car video system provides the brilliant clarity of true 720p high definition resolution for important video evidence while simultaneously using less overall file storage and providing the industry’s quickest upload times. Never again compromise your video quality in orderto minimize yours to rage costs or up load times.

The WatchGuard 4RE HD’s ‘Record after the fact’ gives you the power to go back in time and capture important video that was not originally recorded, even days after it happened. This technology (pioneered in the WatchGuard DV-1) has enabled thousands of agencies to avoid countless lawsuits, and it has helped to solve hundreds of criminal cases (including murders and robberies) that no other in-car video system would have captured.

  • Background Recording is Buffered for Days
  • Simply Enter a New REC Start & Stop Point
  • Solve Cases, Exonerate Officers

WatchGuard’s new ZSL and HD Mini Zoom cameras utilize a revolutionary dual-exposure, Ultra-Wide Dynamic Range (U-WDR) technology that dramatically improves nighttime video quality. For every frame of video, the camera actually takes 2 separate images (a dark exposure and a light exposure) and automatically blends the two images into a single video frame. The result is an ideally exposed picture that keeps bright areas from being over-exposed and keeps darker areas from turning black.

  • Better full color low light sensitivity than the human eye
  • License plates become legible at night

4RE can create an output additional video streams that are optimized for live video streaming applications (by using lower resolutions and frame rates) without sacrificingany of the high resolution streams that are recorded on the solid state drives.

Watch Commander™ is thesecure Live Video Streaming (LVS) solution that works with any WatchGuard 4RE™ in-car video system to give agencies complete situational awareness in real-time. It allows command staff (or any authorized officer) to see and hear what is happening as a situationunfolds.

Compare the quality of the recording to the right with your current equipment. With cars driving by on a busy highway, would you be able to hear a driver’s license hit the ground? Listen to the sample, and that’s what you’ll hear.

Near CD quality. Upto 2 miles of range. Approximately 1 week battery life off a single charge. And all this comes standard with any WatchGuard video system.

Removable, Secured USB Flash Thumb Drive + Automotive Grade Hard Drive
WatchGuard 4RE’s removable “thumbdrive” media is today’s most universally compatible flash memory device. No special media readers or adapters are needed. Purchasenewflashdrives at any electronics retailer.

  • Video is RecordedTwice (USB and Hard Drive)
  • USB Drive is LockedBehind an Access Door
  • The Industry’s Only Zero Risk Manual Transfer Option
  • Automatic Record Overflow (keep recording after the flashdrive is full)
  • Simultaneous Recordand Playback
  • True Industrial Grade Hardware: -30°F to +185°F

Uses a rich and beautiful graphical user interface that is easy to use and understand.

  • 4.3 InchTouchScreen
  • Direct Access Buttons for Common Functions
  • Multi-Camera Split Screen Viewing
  • High Quality, Rubber Over Molded Design
  • Industrial Grade Components
  • MDC/MDT Integration Available

Using Evidence Library 3 and WatchGuard’s industrial grade 802.11n radio systems, 4RE automatically handles everything for the officer.

  • Wireless Uploads are Fully Automatic
  • New Configurations are Pushed to the DVR Automatically
  • DVR Firmware Updates are Completely Automatic
  • Partial Uploads and Drive-offs are Handled Automatically

Technical Specifications


Video Channel : 2-6


: 1280×720 (720P), 864×480 (480P), 720×480 (D1), 576×320, and 480×320
Frame Rates : Frames per second: 29.97, 15, 7.5, & 5 (administratively selectable)
Compression : H.264 High Profile (4 Concurrent Streams)
Storage and Recording
: Choose between an Industrial Grade 64GB Solid State Hard Drive or a Full Automotive Grade 200GB Hard Drive (80 hours recording capacity), Manual record or triggered record slotluikincildepolama (16 GB)
Communication/Live Streaming
: Ethernet, wi-fi,USB video transfer; live stream over GSM connection
GPS : GPS module and atenna
Audio Recording : Wired incar mic, wireless outdoor mic
Power Input/current drawn
: 8-16 vdc/2,3 amp avg
: USB (secondary storage), firewire, ethernet, radar interface, siren, lights lambası, wireless mic, aux
Operating Temprature : -40 C degree/ 85 C degree
Monitoring : Wacthcommander (pre req. EL3) live view, ELX standalone windows software for video evidence observation, EL3 server softwarefor evidence observation, fleet management,wi-fi and usb video download
Standard : MIL STD 810-F, IACP compatible



-Patrol vehicles

-Cash in-transit cars



-Special purpose public vehicles