General Information

The versatile Stalker Pro II is the choice of Major League Baseball and top-level collegiate and Semi-Pro teams worldwide. The Pro II quickly and accurately measures the speed of anything moving through the air, over land, or on the water. The one sports radar that does it all!

Baseball Mode - 500 FootRange!

Thebi-directional Pro II measuresthepeak (release) speedandplate (roll-down) speed of a baseball pitch, as well as thespeed of a batted ball traveling in the opposite direction. All three speeds display at thesame time.

Vehicle Mode:

Clockvehicles on land or water up to two miles away. The Stalker Pro II filter sout other vehicles moving in the opposite direction of interest.

Carnival Mode:

The Pro II attach estothe side of a back drop and measure the speed of midway game balls thrown from only a few feet away.

Tennis Mode:
Track balls on any side of the court, as the Pro II’s wide beam width measures both the ball’s peak (serve) speed as well as the decelerating live speed.


Technical Specifications


: 1 - 890 MPH


: +/- 3% of reading
Maximum ClockingDistance : Forbaseballs - 500 feet of unobstructedviews
1 3/4 milesfor an averageauto
Transmit Time
: 2 1/2 houspercharge
Units of Measure
: mph, km/h, knots, m/s


: Tenthsandones - userselectable
Radar Beam
: 12 degree
Acquisition Time
: 10 ms
Transmitter Power
: 10 mw

: RS-232 bağlantısı ve opsiyonel RS-485 , 1200 to 38.4K baud



- ball speed tracking for tennis, baseball etc

- vehicle speed detection

- train, tramway speed detection

- carnaval speed detection