General Information

The TruSpeed™ series have become the most popular lasers in the world because you get everything you would expect from an LTI laser at an affordable price. The TruSpeed LR model offers extended range and anti-jam firmware to give you the confidence you need no matter what you encounter.

The TruSpeed and TruSpeed LR boast a lightweight, ergonomic design specifically engineered for comfortable, hand-held use over long periods of time, while the polycarbonate exterior and aluminum chassis that protects all the internal components makes it extremely durable.

Extremely simple to use, the TruSpeed and LR speed devices offer straightforward menu options and have only six, icon-based buttons. The LR version captures violations at 4,000 feet in comparison to 2,000 foot range of the original TruSpeed unit.

Like all LTI laser speed measurement devices, the TruSpeed series have pinpoint targeting, which enables officers to effectively distinguish the speed and direction of a single vehicle in multi-lane traffic - a major advantage over radar technology.


Technical Specifications

Weight : 1 kg with batteries


: 20 x 8 x 30 cm
Acquisition Time : 0.3 sec
Speed Accuracy
: +/- 1 mph (+/- 2 kmh)
Minimum Range Weather Mode
: 50 ft (15 m)
Minimum Range Weather Mode
: 200 ft (76 m)
Minimum Range Continuous Mode
: 50 ft (15 m)
Maximum Range
: 2,000 ft (610 m)

Speed Measurement Range

: +/- 200 mph (+/- 320 kmh)
Distance Accuracy
: +/- 6 in (+/- 15 cm)
Distance Resolution
: +/- 1 ft (0.1 m)
Beam Divergence
: 2.5 milliradians nominal
Laser Wavelength
: 905 nanometers nominal
Temperature Range
: -22° F to +140° F (-30° C to +60° C)


: Two alkaline, NiCad, or NiMHrechargeable C-cell batteries providingup to                                         25 hours of cordless operation.
Eye Safety
: FDA Class 1 (CFR 21)
: Water resistant / NEMA 4 / IP 55
: Composite Polycarbonate outer shell Aluminum internal chassis


- Police speed enforcement

- Military speed enforcement

- School/campus speed enforcement

- Road planning

- Distance measurement applications