General Information

The MEPAK is the new model of MEMED® series mine detectors.
MEPAK is ultra-compact and has a special structure designed especially for operational troops/engineers which are responsible for mine detection activities. MEPAK can detect anti-personnel, anti-tank and also IEDs including metal content with high detection sensitivity.

MEPAK ensures that difficult targets can be easily found in any kind of mineralized soils and also normal soils. With its fast and easy to use design, operators can concantrate on detection but not adjustments.

MEPAK, which successfully detects anti-personnel mines, anti-tank mines and metal-containing IEDs; can even detect the trapped mines with its new innovative signal processing technology

Foldable and Light Structure

MEPAK combines optimized detection capability with light weight meeting the operational troops main requirements. Since it is fully foldable, MEPAK occupies minimum space in the backpacks.

Elliptical Search Head

Thanks to MEPAK's elliptical search head, operators can easily search on challenging narrow and uneven surfaces, it also offers to check each foot step area.

Telescopic Pole

MEPAK can be adjusted easily incase of operating on stand up, laying down and on knees positions. The telescopic pole can be adjusted according the height of the operator as well.

Individual Detector Training System

Mergen SOLO,as an individual detector training system completely designed,developed and manufactured for detector operators and fully compitable with MEMED. It's a great system for the operators by helping to make the detector movements(sweeping speed,sweeping arc,sweeping angle(wrist)&sweeping height)appropriately and become as a reflex after their self trainings.

Teknik Veri

Operational Weight : ~ 1,90 kg
Soil Modes : Mineral soil, Normal Soil
Sweeping Speed : 0-1,6 m/sn
Pinpoint : Yes
Environmental : Mil-STD-810 G
Alert Types : Audio, Led, Vibration
Mechanic Structure : Fully Foldable
Operational Time : ~ 10 hours (3 e.a C type alcaline)
Operational Temp : -30 C° + 60 C



- operational troops mine detection applications

- police mine detection applications

- border security/clearance applications

- field mine clearance applications