Ministry of Forest Deployed ACU-1000 to city İzmir

After city Adana, Balikesir, Mugla and Mersin, Turkish Ministry of Forest has deployed ACU - interoprability system to city Izmir. With the help of ACU-1000 system, interoperability among LF radio, GSM line, VoIP channels are established.

Connecting different communciation devices, ACU-1000 is now connected the following channels to the communcaiton network in city Izmir:

- LF radio and Analog radio,

- PBX line,

- VoIP channel and

- GSM line together.

OGM ACU-1024x768

After Turkish Gendarmerie, second wide area interoperablity solution (WAIS) has been established by Ministry of Forest of Turkey and they created largest WAIS system by adding city Izmir to the communication network.

While creating local interoprabliity, connecting the ACU to WAIS platform lets the remote command and control center located in city Ankara to communicate with any channel in Izmir over VoIP channel.

In addition to that, WAIS lets any communication device to be connected to any other communicaiton device at different cities seamlessly.

For further informatin about ACU please click the link here.