MPT1 Mesan Automatic Number Plate Recognition System

Mesan has developed Automatic Number Plate Recognition system which has the main aim of capturing vehicles on the highways or similar passing points, recognizing their plate numbers and along with captured vehicle image(s) and metadata (date, time, gps, serial number etc.) to be sent to central database.

anpr transparent-800x600System has developed by Mesan R&D team as a result of two years hard work. The project is also supported by TUBITAK (THE SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL OF TURKEY).

Currently, our system is in the phase of site tests and will be ready by first quarter of 2017.

Mesan MPT-1 is full integrated all-in-one solution which includes  IR board, imaging boards, processers and storage unit on the same unit.

Our system has already approved with IP66, EMI and EMC tests by acrredited testing lab and appropriate to be used 7/24 in any kind of environment without any issue.