AFAD (Disaster and Emergency Management Authority) Command and Control Vehicle

Disaster and Emergency Management Authority has deployed a 'Command and Control Vehicle' in order to bring mobility to seamless communication, IT management and Action Planning. Mesan has provided ACU-2000 IP interoperablity solution and build up the communication platform for AFAD.

AFAD tir-640x480

ACU-2000 IP is interoprability gateway which connects different communiction devices all together. This yields to reach anyone in the field regardless of what c-type of communication terminal s/he uses. AFAD ACU-2000IP system has the followings:

- Codan HF radio

- IP phones

- GSM line

- Satellite line

- UHF radio

- Wideband radio

connected to the system. Now system operator or event the caller can patch himself to any communciation channel. System also allows conference call among any desired number of different communication devices.

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For further information about ACU-2000 IP please click the link here.