3D Speed Enforcement System

Stalker new generation 3D speed enforcement solution which is able to make multiple object tracking. System can tracks up to 32 vehciles at the same time, detects their speed and create violation files autimatically as soon as they exceed the speed limit.

In Turkey, the concept called TEDES (Trafic Electronic Detection Systems) has been become very popular, the system is the key component for this concept in order to increase the traffic safety and decrease the accidents due to high speeds. System can be used on gentry, on tripod at road side or in vehicle as mounted on the bag section of the VAN type vehicle.

Phodar 1-250x250

System includes high resolution cameras, processing unit, advanced 3D radar unit, and optional flash unit. Violation files created by the system can be automatically sent to back office or by USB removable disk easliy for further analysis.

Violation files are envcypted and cannot be procesed anywhere except from the system back office violation processing software.

Phodar 3-300x300

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