Mesan Mobile Speed Enforcement System

General Information

Mesan Mobile Speed Enforcement, system is designed and implemented for the use of traffic speed enforcement. Systemtracks and captures the speed of target along with the video evidence. Regardless of the location and type of vehicle, all targets are captured with high accuracy by means of speed and distance.

Enforcement can be done on stationary or moving mode regardless of the direction of the traffic. Advance features like automatic triggered video capturing, remote audio recording etc makes the system unique in the market. All the videos can be observed and processed at the backoffice software for court evidence.
Agency can either create penalty tickets in jpeg format or violation video in special format which means system is ready to create the violation file based on the court request.


Technical Specifications


Cameras : 36 X Zoomcolorevidence cam, mirrorintegrated in-vehiclecamera


: Mirrorintegrated 3,5’’ monitor
Mic : In vehicle mic and remote wireless mic
Video Resolution : High,standard @ D1.
Video Recording
: Manual andTriggered (overspeeding, sensor trigeredetc)
: Upto 60 sec, selectable
: Able to playbakc recorded events when needed
Mapping : GPS unit stores the patrol vehicle location during the enforcement
Radar : Stalker, Mph, Decatur, CustomSignalsselectable
Speed Detection Range : 1- 350 km/h (depending on the radar selection)
Accuracy : +2/-3 stationary mode, +-3 moving mod (depending on radar selection)
Speed Detection Range : 1-1500m (selectable and depends on the radar type)
Violation File Type : JPG with embadded metadata, video file with metadata
: 32 GB CF card (32-64 continuesrecordingcapacitybased on theselected video quality)
: Video Manager back office software for evidence processing
Options : 7” externalmonitor, 32 GB CF card (secureorunsecure), Wireless transmisson



-speed enforcement vehicles

-police patrol vehicles

-military patrol vehicles