Medar MTS

General Information

Medar MTS Mobile Speed Detection System is a mobile traffic speed control system that can simultaneously track multiple vehicles in traffic control and applications.

Medar MTS tracks the vehicles and captures the speed, lane and class of vehicle along with location, time and date information. System automatically creates violation file with those information and high resolution violation image.

The system allows the officer to set speed limit based on vehicle class and traffic lane basis. Medar MTS also includes IR unit to allow the speed enforcement at night.

It is designed for the use patrol vehicles and offers several mounting options such as roof bar, roof suction mounting and roadside standalone tripod.

Technical Specifications


Detection Technology : LIDAR
Multiple Vehicle Tracking : Yes
Speed Accuracy : <± 3 km/h (up to 100 km/h); <± %3 km/h (above 100 km/h)
Speed Range : 10-250 km/h
Vehicle Classification : 3 types (motorcycle, car, bus and truck)

Lane Detection

: up to 4 lanes
Metadata : Date, Time, Speed, Class, Lane, Direction, Violation image
Storage : 126 GB (256 GB optional)
Violation Camera : Embedded 12 MP global shutter camera
Power Input : 12 V DC
Violation Monitoring : Optional
Operational Temprature : -20° , +60°C
Protection Level : IP 65
Night Vision : Yes- embedded IR



- Police Patrol Vehicle Speed Enforcement

- Gendarmerie Patrol Vehicle Speed Enforcement

- Municipality Patrol Vehicle Speed Enforcement