Quality and Environment Policy

As Mesan Inc, our main policy is to provide high technology solution to meet the public agencies requirements in the field of communication, traffic and safety. Our primary goals are:

  • Customer satisfaction as the highest priority. Our most important principle is to come up with the best solution based on the customer requirements and providing continues briefing about the advancing technology.
  • We inform our customers about the public agency and communication technology improvement and also related arising requirements.
  • Instead of a steady approach our main philosophy is based on improving our skills and abilities.
  • We stand firm on quality and environment management system and also process with the horizontal responsibility and entitlement.
  • Having the great past experience and participation of its employees, we create clever decisions on determination of new goals.
  • We provide efficient, reliable solution for decided goals.
  • We follow the regional and country wise rules and regulations of work safety and environment health. Having this approach we continuously develop and improve our company.
  • We work following the commercial and moral ethics, adopt the traditional respect and sincerity.
  • During the project, we work for getting the best efficiency on both ends.
  • We look after the social rights of our employees and do whatever needed to enhance the personal education to the highest point as possible.


While maintaining those actions, we commit to improve our Quality and Environment Care Policy System which is open to community access and all its employees; make necessary protections  and actions in order prevent environment pollution. We also commit to improve the company goals and sustainable success.