MESAN Elektronik Sanayi Ticaret A.Ş

MESAN ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY TRADE INC. MESAN established in 1991 as the representative and consultant company in the field of electronics. Since then MESAN has been providing equipment and systems to the MoD, MoI, Governorships, Municipalities and other public safety organizations and agencies in Turkey and abroad. From representation and full consulting services to technical assistance and customer support, Mesan is the link between the supply and demand, between user and manufacturer. Besides complete systems and installations, Mesan offers services and complementary products. Ever since it was founded, Mesan has been working intensively on solutions that meet our customers’ demands in practice. The results are all embracing concepts, systems and instruments for a wide field of applications. The reliability and quality of our products have been confirmed over many years of daily use. Mesan is mainly working in three fields of electronics: Communications, Security and Traffic Safety. In a short time span, MESAN realized important long-term projects to his customers by working cooperatively with the worldwide manufacturers; such as Metal Mine Detectors and Handheld Detectors for Army and Gendarmerie, Digital Voice Recorders for 156 emergency call centers (like 911 in US, 112 in Europe), In car Video systems and speed radars for Police and Gendarmerie, and Emergency communication systems for Disaster Management Centers, and Emergency Management Centers. Also Mesan is a leader company for Mobile Communication Vehicles and Mobile Communication, Command and Control Vehicles both in Turkey and in abroad. Mesan has been supplying such mobile platforms to different public safety agencies. Responsibility and the reliability are the two significant factors in the fields, which MESAN runs. Since its establishment there has been nothing to affect the creditability of the company. Mesan’s point of view with powerful business ethics approved by the certificate received from TRACE – Transparent Agents and Contracting Entities, where Mesan’s commitment to transparent business practices are shared for multinational companies who are seeking new partners. Continuous improvement, which is the target of the company, is set on certain standards. Mesan being certified with ISO 9001 serve its customers more efficient and safer and all facilities in the company are realized according to these standards. Also, Mesan has certificed by Trace International who is well known transparency agency in US since 2007 MESAN accomplishes projects on the subjects, especially, which it can prevail technically. Additionally, it carries out the pre-sale and after-sale services of the purchaser in Turkey. MESAN also acts as regional service center of the companies who represents in the area; and handles all kinds of after sales services. Since its foundation Mesan has been representing companies who are worldwide acknowledged as the leaders in their fields and goes on the successful marketing of the products of the companies it represents in Turkey.